Radziejewski Radziejewski

The town in south poland i come from is based on blues music since the 60's therefore i am a blues musician. Funny that after 40+ years there are 50 blues festivals that include about 20 international events with the top blues players. It's also funny that the biggest indoor blues festival called RAWA BLUES is in my hometown for the past 26yrs. I ended up in Tulsa, Ok in 82 with the status of political refugee and surprisingly i ended up in town with big blues roots thanks to Eric Clapton, Leon Russell, J.J Cale. Claptons drummer at that time was Jamie Oldacker through whom i got to recording studios, gigs, and finally for a meeting with EPIC/CBS records So i moved to New York and worked with Michael Urbaniak and through him with the biggest names in fusion jazz. I do lots of writing and composing, i have my own recording studio and i play live gigs. Thank you for showing an interest in my page. In 1978 i played in a jazz festival in Bombay, India called Jazz Yatra sponsored by Ravi Shankar. At the festival there were seminars where i was introduced to the instrument definitely created by god (SARANGI). It took 20 some years that finally there was a software/sampler developed so i can play this instrument in my studio. Check the tune Cry Rado Cry. at that time i was told by a top european saxophone player that we all are gonna end up playing and dying in NY, so here i am


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