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Rafa Selase Rafa Selase

Rafa Selase is an American soul and jazz pianist, musician, artist and songwriter most notably known for his work as a spoken-word performer and jazz pianist. His initial release, Meditation Music By Rafa Selase, reached #8 on the Billboard New Age Relaxation charts. He then followed that with a series of singles, and the “Red Blooded American” Album, which released on 9/11/2017. Rafa Selase has two terms for himself: one being “jazz activist” and the other being “student.” He is a true artist that defies categorization as he fuses jazz, blues, folk, soul, hip hop and even elements of rock, as in songs like Mama You Never Told Me Pt. 2. His lyrical content often addresses the social and political issues of a tumultuous era. Fans have described his music as, “power music and freedom songs.” His delivery is melodic, clear and concise.

Fueled by artists such as Gil Scott-Heron, Hugh Masekela and Donny Hathaway, Selase seamlessly blends varying styles with a shared commonality of music with meaning. His music brings a sense of something unique. His piano instrumental music, most notably on “Beauty of the Warrior,” is powerful, and has atmospheric qualities that are quick to draw listeners in.

Songs of note include Queen Speaks reminiscent of 50s jazz ballads and “The Revolution Will Be on Facebook”, a recording inspired by Gil Scott-Heron's “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.”

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”Selase stands out as a rare combination of authentic songwriting depth and world-class musicianship, showcasing a really rare blend of control over the entire vision that drives his tracks.” - JazzCorner

”Selase is a true artist, diving into acid jazz, New Age, and hip-hop with a visionary approach.” - No Depression The Journal of Roots Music

”A singular artistic exploration of social issues via jazz, afro-funk, folk music & spoken word” - Sacramento Bee



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