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Even as a child growing up in the East Bay, Obiedo recognized his own profoundly soulful musical connection to the Northern California region and its eclectic blend of exotic multi-ethnic rhythms. Small wonder indeed, many years and successful albums later. Ray has steadily emerged as one the most originally expressive and exciting contemporary jazz talents of the last three decades with a delightfully distinct Bay Area flavor thoroughly marinating his personal jazz signature and nationwide festival performances.

“Among my favorite childhood memories,” Obiedo recalls while relaxing at his self-owned Werewolf Recording Studios in the Oakland Hills, were those numerous trips across the bay to places like the Fillmore Auditorium & Winterland Auditorium to hear some of the greatest rock bands in the world. Everyone from Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin and Cream to the great Isaac Hayes and Sly Stone. It was exciting, inspirational and vibrantly alive. For musicians interested in exploring and creating new sounds, it was absolutely the place to be.”

Although Obiedo didn’t begin seriously studying guitar until his last year in high school, the deep jazz influences of artist like Miles Davis, Wes Montgomery, and Antonio Carlos Jobin had already been intricately woven into his musical soul. Even the raw soul of the great James Brown became an indelible component of Obiedo’s musical signature.

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Album Latin Jazz Project  Vol1 by Ray Obiedo

Latin Jazz Project ...

Rhythmus Records

Album There Goes That by Ray Obiedo

There Goes That

Rhythmus Records

Album Sweet Summer Days by Ray Obiedo

Sweet Summer Days

Rhythmus Records

Album Zulaya by Ray Obiedo


Rhythmus Records

Album Sticks & Stones by Ray Obiedo

Sticks & Stones

Rhythmus Records


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