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Reality Control Test

Reality Control Test

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Label: Honolulu Records
Released: 2018
Duration: 00:43:40
Views: 673

Track Listing

Dark Outside; Tooth Fairy; Boogeyman; Into the Void; Cronos; Hikikomori pt.1; Hikikomori pt.2; Reality Control Test; Kanashibari.


Lorenzo Blardone: piano; Marco Rottoli: double bass; Riccardo Chiaberta: drums.

Album Description

RCT (Reality Control Test) is an  easy lucid dreaming technique  designed to increase your self awareness by day and penetrate your dreams by night making us free to move consciously inside of it. The nine originals compositions are inspired by the oniric dimension. Dilated spaces alternate with rhythmically complex melodies exploring various emotional states typical of dreams like joy, anxiety, confusion, fear, peace, introduced by the titles. Dark Outside (Riccardo Chiaberta) 00:02:35 Tooth Fairy (Lorenzo Blardone) 00:04:35 Boogeyman (Lorenzo Blardone) 00:04:04 Into The Void (Lorenzo Blardone) 00:03:46 Cronos (Marco Rottoli) 00:05:32 Hikikomori pt.1 (Marco Rottoli) 00:04:28 Hikikomori pt.2 (Marco Rottoli) 00:04:10 Reality Control Test (Marco Rottoli) 00:06:46 Kanashibari (Lorenzo Blardone) 00:07:41 Recorded, mixed and mastered by Carlo Cantini at DIGITUBE Studio on August 2017.

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