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Rebecca Coupe Franks is a talented trumpet player from California who has paid her dues in New York. She has worked with her friend and mentor, the late Joe Henderson, as well as Javon Jackson, Ben Riley, Herb Ellis, and Bill Cosby. Her 2004 recording, “Exhibition: Tribute to Joe Henderson,” is a showcase of ten original tunes she penned in remembrance of saxophonist Henderson's spirit, personality, and music. Jazz journalist Scott Yanow has stated, “Joe Henderson would have enjoyed hearing this program and would have loved playing these pieces.” Rebecca Coupe Franks' trumpet style can most be likened to that of Chet Baker, as she plays with a relatively sparse, relaxed style, and she favors playing in the middle and lower registers of her instrument. Her compostions have earned her the title of beng a leading innovator in jazz, from winning acclaim in the John Lennon International Song Writing Contest, to writing music for popular televiosn shows such as “Melrose Place” and “Law and Order.” She is currently working on a project recording all-new material she has written for her R & B/Funk band, Coupe & Her Groovemobile, and we will hear some fresh, exciting music from these talented musicians.




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