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Rebecca Griffin

Rebecca Griffin brings a sultry, warm and rich sound to a unique repertoire of great jazz standards, lesser-known gems, and fun and sophisticated contemporary tunes. With a strong background in musical study, she brings a serious musicianship to music bridging the tradition of legends like Billie Holiday to modern arrangements inspired by the likes of contemporary jazz star Nnenna Freelon. Her mellow style and mesmerizing voice are sure to bring this emerging Bay Area vocalist greater attention, appreciation and a loyal legion of fans.

Rebecca grew up in the small town of Springvale, Maine, immersed in the music of legendary performers like James Taylor and Carole King, and was always singing along with her younger sister, now an up-and-coming singer/songwriter. At the age of 8, she began performing actively in the musical theater, combining her love of music and dance and delighting audiences with her burgeoning talent. Rebecca continued performing theater locally until the age of twenty, but it was upon buying her first Ella Fitzgerald CD in high school that she truly fell in love with jazz and decided to embark on more serious musical study.

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