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ReDiviDeR meets I Dig Monk Tuned

ReDiviDeR meets I Dig Monk Tuned by Matthew Jacobson

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Matthew Jacobson

Label: Diatribe Records
Released: 2013
Views: 671

Track Listing

1. Twin Kodes 2. I, Lute Nerd 3. Animal Code 4. Bin Saved 5. End it Rule 6. Velvet Pouch 7. May I Agree


Additional Personnel / Information

Matthew Jacobson - drums/compositions Derek Whyte - bass Nick Roth - alto sax Colm O'Hara - trombone Kit Downes - keys (track 1) Alex Bonney - trumpet/electronics (track 3) Ben Davis - cello (track 4) Alex Roth - guitar (track 5)

Album Description

'meets I Dig Monk, Tuned' is the second Diatribe release from Dublin-based two- horns-no-chords improv quartet ReDiviDeR. It features the regular quartet plus four guests from London, with a piece written for each guest by bandleader and drummer Matthew Jacobson. ReDiviDeR: Nick Roth - alto Colm O'Hara - trombone Derek Whyte - bass Matthew Jacobson - drums Special Guests: Kit Downes - keys Alex Roth - guitar Ben Davis - cello Alex Bonney - trumpet/electronics Recorded February 2013 at Bow Lane Studios Dublin with Jimmy Eadie Edited by ZoiD Mixed by Zodiaque, Berlin Mastered by Substance Mastering, Berlin Produced by Matthew Jacobson and ZoiD Released 7th October 2013 Videos by Yellow Brick Media This album was supported by the Arts Council Music Recording Scheme, managed by Music Network.



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