Redrick Sultan

Out of the sub-urbs of Vancouver, BC comes a band whose collective hair once totaled 16 feet. Spoon fed metal as a babe, raised on classic/progressive rock, and schooled in jazz, Redrick Sultan promises to bring a diverse mix of sounds to your ear holes. What began as a group of friends jamming when they were 13 years old has blossomed into a similar group of friends gigging across Canada and eager to travel the world. They recently recorded their first full length album, a self-titled affair featuring a culmination of material from their many years of playing together.


”I must admit, I can’t even begin to categorize Redrick Sultan with a clever concoction of genres. [Their set was] certainly a crazy fun experience, with enough weird yelling to make it funny. The audience was dancing and flailing with the best of them, swinging their long hair and generally having a great time.” -

”When they’re at their best, the young four-piece are tearing into dense instrumental jams, jumping back and forth between tempos, time signatures and keys, and otherwise showcasing their considerable skills.” -


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