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Reem Kelani, the Palestinian singer, musician, musicologist and broadcaster, was born in England, brought up in Kuwait, and she now lives in London. Reem is both bi-lingual and bi-cultural. She does her own research, composes and arranges her music, trains and leads her (mostly non-Arab) musicians in Arabic music, and sings. She is at once respectful of convention and highly innovative.

Reem’s profile in the Arab and non Arab world continues to grow in equal measure, all the more to her credit as an unsigned artist who has preserved her independence, musically, spiritually and politically.

Reem’s discography attests to her novel style as an artist and to her standards of production:

- Her 2006 album “Sprinting Gazelle: Palestinian Songs from the Motherland and the Diaspora” is something of a classic of its genre with over 50 excellent reviews from across the world:

“When a self-produced album by an unknown Palestinian singer gets as much attention and better reviews than the Arctic Monkeys in mainstream publications such as Time Out and London's Evening Standard, you know something significant is afoot.” The Telegraph (2006)

- Her 2016 album “Reem Kelani: Live at the Tabernacle” has similarly earned glowing reviews:

“In 2006 I concluded my review of Reem Kelani's debut album Sprinting Gazelle with the phrase “I believe it's a masterpiece.” That belief has subsequently matured into a certainty, and the disc has become one of my favourite albums in any genre. A full decade later Kelani's follow-up album Live at the Tabernacle, on Leon Rosselson's Fuse label, could easily have proved an anti-climax. Instead, it complements its predecessor admirably while also being a masterpiece on its own terms.” Irish Left Review (2016)

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“We enjoyed (your concert) immensely. You were sensational. As a singer-communicator you are in a class of your own. There are not many performers singing in a language many in the audience don't understand who can hold the attention as you did. Your backing musicians were excellent, also. So congratulations all round”. Leon Rosselson

“I thought, there she is, Reem Kelani, pouring every milligram of her being into this performance, her audience rapt, transported before her, and there's this precious, non- violent force transmuting a mouthful of air into articulate energy, an energy that evokes sympathetic vibrations through whole communities, giving hope and strength, lifting human spirits from out of their dark times.” Brian Robinson, Musicweaver

“Palestinian singer Reem Kelani was a new name in my world, but the woman was so endearing I'll never forget her.” Gary Bannister, Dimitriou's Jazz Alley, Seattle

“What I found here was more than just mere singing

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Reem is a highly experienced and inspirational workshop leader in Arabic and Palestinian singing. Group teaching only.

Reem works with adults and children, and she has introduced many to Arabic music and singing. Indeed, Reem has developed her own course outline for Arabic music and singing, for use in schools and with community choirs in the UK. Her workshops have variously included one-off inputs, structured programmes over a school year involving teachers and pupils, and short, intensive sessions over several days or weeks preparing students to present their own performance of songs she has taught them.

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