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Reinier Baas

Reinier Baas (1985) is a jazz guitarist, based in Amsterdam. Recently graduated from the Conservatory of Amsterdam with the highest honors and a finalist for the prestigious Deloitte Jazz Award (2010), he is fast gaining a reputation as one of Holland’s most promising young players. He is the brand new guitarist of Stefan Lievestro’s renowned, testosterone fueled powerhouse Mona Lisa Overdrive, guest soloist with the Dutch Youth Jazz Orchestra (NJJO) 2011 and bandleader of the illustrious More Socially Relevant Jazz Music Ensemble.

Reinier heads his own trio, unsurprisingly, yet adequately dubbed the Reinier Baas Trio, featuring Sean Fasciani on bass and Mark Schilders on drums. Aside from performing original compositions, this trio seeks a refreshing, contemporary approach to the ‘standard’ jazz repertoire.

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On 'More Socially Relevant Jazz Music':

“An organic sound, teeming with pleasure. [..] In the daring solo and duo pieces, Baas’ musical idiom appears to be without limits. His soulful sound on the ballads wins over hearts.” - Tim Sprangers for DE VOLKSKRANT **** (July 2011)

“An adventurous record on which Baas displays not only a surplus of technique, but also humor, guts and a flexible mind.” ��” Mischa Andriessen for DE TELEGRAAF (July 2011)

“A lot better than I was expecting from a few white dudes from Amsterdam.” ��” Random guy at REDDIT.COM (September 2011)

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