Renato Diz

Instrument: Piano

Born: July 30, 1986

Renato Diz is a Portuguese pianist, composer and producer based in New York City.

Born in Porto, Portugal, Renato studied exclusively classical piano for the first 12 years of his life, under the supervision of Rui Pintão, however with the intention of becoming a criminal psychologist.

A chance encounter with jazz at the age of 16 - a performance by renowned Portuguese jazz pianist and composer Carlos Azevedo - changed his life and he decided, literally overnight, to become an artist. He became the first (and only) private student of Carlos Azevedo and went on to win one of two available spots at the leading jazz program in Portugal and Spain for a double bachelor’s degree in classical and jazz performance. His main instructors were Michael Lauren and Abe Rábade in jazz, and Sofia Lourenço in the classical department. He also took private lessons with the revered pianist Mário Laginha.

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“Sensibility, humor, virtuosity, ears and heart... Renato has it all. I always learn something when I hear him play. An exhilarating experience!”

Jean-Michel Pilc

“A talented young pianist who is creating a nicely hybridized style of piano playing drawing from the pools of jazz, free improvisation and contemporary classical music.”

Ralph Alessi

“He is a great musician, composer and friend!”

Tony Moreno

“One of the few young artists that has the courage to forge his own path thereby creating a sound that is uniquely his own!”

Bruce Arnold

“What is evident is his musical maturity as well as his obvious talent

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