Ricardo Bacelar

Ricardo Bacelar

Instrument: Piano | Location: Rio de Janeiro

Updated: January 27, 2020

Born: July 19, 1967

The third solo album of the Brazilian pianist, composer and arranger Ricardo Bacelar, entitled “Sebastiana” is being released. Produced by Cesar Lemos (BMI and ASCAP awards in the USA), it was recorded and mixed in Miami, United States, at the legendary Hit Factory (Criteria) and Rebel 11 studios. Its concept gravitates around a Latin American rereading of a Brazilian music repertoire portion. “Sebastiana” was recorded by Brazilian, American, Cuban, Argentine, Venezuelan, Colombian and Peruvian musicians. By researching traditional rhythms, an arrangement laboratory was conceived to implement the fusion of Latin American and Brazilian music elements. It shows contemporary arrangements and a strong jazzy accent, with a subtle percussion that confirms South America ́s influence. The result is unusual and presents an important contribution to the Brazilian music scenario in the international context. It is an instrumental record, having four of its tracks sung. The album is being released in Latin America, Japan, Europe and in the United States, being promoted by several partners, available on digital platforms, CD and vinyl. The musician seeks to create a catalog with artistic quality, with no concern for the commercial market. However, it breaks geographic barriers and disseminates his music to many countries. “With quality music, we can conquer space in several places in the world at the same time,” he says

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 - “Jazz pianist Ricardo Bacelar crafts a masterful celebration of Latin American music from a Brazilian perspective”
 Writen in Music –
“Sebastiana brengt een veelvoud in jazzstijlen samen. Van smooth tegen slick jazz aanleunend naar authentieke Latin jazz met een dikke Braziliaanse flavour”. Drimble -
“Sebastiana is voor de Braziliaanse pianist Ricardo Bacelar een ode aan Zuid-Amerika.”
 Jazz Weekly - 
“Ricardo Bacelar brings his Brazilian keyboard concepts along with a fresh and energetic core team”. Roughly Recommended
 - “This new Jazz, Brazilian fusion album is a delight for any sophisticated music listener

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