Richard Hart

I am a freelance drummer (yep I'm skint) - . I have played with many musicians in various genres - but my real interest is in Modern Jazz & Fusion . During 2005 I helped start a local Jam session - in the Hat Factory Luton - which is going strong. Perry Loius of Jazzcotech created the whole project and is a major influence on it's direction - : it has started to attract some heavyweight jazz players. During a recent jam session, I was lucky enough to play with Butch Thomas (tenor sax) - who has worked with Sting and the late great Jaco Pastorius (that's what we call a heavyweight!), I have also been privileged to have played with a new talent on the jazz scene - Simon Spillett - what a great player he is . I have worked on many sessions for Radio and TV - and the local jazz scene , with such players like Tina May-Jim Mullen-Rob Townsend-Trevour Walker-Mike Gorman and many more -. I have just started to use a 'Jungle drum kit ' - they are starting to become popular with gigging drummers - it's basically a standard kit - but the bass drum is only 16 inches (floor tom size) - they look like toys - but it's a killin sound and they record great in any studio. Some of my favourite drummers are- Mike Clark -Ari Hoenig - Jack DeJohnett and Steve Gadd , but I also dig players like John Scofield and Michael Brecker - the list goes on .

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