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Music, as I see it, is the artists vehicle for the expression of his innermost being. Jazz is extraordinary in the sense that the spontaneity afforded the artist through improvisation provides him an almost fluid connection to his unconscious and spiritual self. What is it that touches us deep inside when we hear an inspiring piece of music? Is it that the performer, composer has unlocked some eternal secret from deep inside of our psyche? True; it is the gifted artist who can transform his instrument, using the language of improvisation, into the words of God himself as a prophet does, but only if the listener has the awareness to perceive this connection to the universe.

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Jazz Improv® Magazine License Request Morning the 2nd track on my cd Introspective has been selected for inclusion on the upcoming edition of Jazz Improv® Magazine Jazz Improvisation Directory - Music & Ideas For Jazz Lovers. It will be reproduced on their promotional companion compact disc, in Volume 2, Number 4, which will feature Wes Montgomery on the cover. This selection was based on merit.

Mention on Tom Stroud's, Jaco Pastorius, Website: Introspective is mentioned on Tom Stroud's website. It is listed on the Jaco Pastorius Discography page under the Tributes section.

“Very nice music.

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