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Drummer Rich Austin has played in countless groups of varying size, style and configuration from big bands, symphony orchestras to smaller jazz ensembles featuring jazz, latin, rock, R+B and even country. In 1985 he began a long creative association with pianist/composer Bob McHugh that continued to Rich's passing. In 1992 Mr. Austin released the CD “Smoke Signals” on Alliance Records his debut album as a leader and in 1994 played on and co-produced Bob McHugh's CD “Manhattan Sunrise” also on Alliance which featured latin percussionist Ray Mantilla. Rich also played on and contributed to three other Bob McHugh albums “Soaring On Wings Of Ivory and Black” and “Another Sunrise” on Outstanding Records and “Straight Ahead” on Lunge Music. Rich's last recording was in 2004 “Right At Home” on Lunge Music. A high energy blending of jazz, latin, blues and free music featuring original compositions by pianist Bob McHugh, and saxophonist Tommy LaBella. Others he has performed with are pianists Alan Farnham, Bob Sardo, bassists Ron Naspo, Kevin McCarthy Earl Sauls, Lisle Atkinson, trumpeter Vinnie Cutro, saxophonist Tony Signa and vocalists Michelle Bautier, Arlene Carole, musician/ vocalists Vince Mazzilli and John and Linda Miksza. He was a member of the house band with Vince Mazzilli and Bob McHugh at Peretti's in East Carlstat, NJ from 1985-1992,and the Stony Hill Inn in Hackensack,NJ from 1992-2004 and played at Birdland, New York City Library, Newark Museum, Count Basie Theater, The Williams Center and many other venues in the New York/ New Jersey area.


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