Rich Pulin

Rich Pulin, now in his 7th decade of professional music, has committed to full-time involvement in an 'early-childhood (K-8) music-education program which he has devised and developed!

The Early Childhood Music Education Foundation.

He has accepted the responsibility of sharing our great American native-bred art-form, jazz, with millions of children around the globe through a unique, engaging, enlightening and esteem-building program, specifically designed with the young student in mind, although suitable for students of any age or grade level.. Rich is seeking other educationally-minded people to join forces with him, as the TASK of educating a generation of students, and eventually raising the standard of popular music in general, and jazz specifically, IS a BIG one!

Anyone interested in more information may contact Rich at the accompanying information...

Thank You!

Rich Pulin began playing the Baritone Horn, switching to the Trombone after seeing “The Glen Miller Story” starring Jimmy Stewart, as Glenn Miller.

At the age of 18, through a series of events, he met legendary Trumpeter Dalton Smith. Dalton, in turn, referred Rich to Woody Herman pianist-arranger, Nat Pierce. Nat wasted no time and escorted Rich to Nola Rehearsal studio, to sit in with Charlie Barnett's band, coincidentally minus a trombone that day! Barnett's band included bass-trombonist-composer-arranger John Woehrmann and the inimitable trumpeter-flugelhornist-educator Clark Terry!

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