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Rick Drumm

Rick Drumm is president of D’Addario & Company, manufacturer of D’Addario guitar, bass and violin strings, Evans Drumheads, Pro-Mark Drumsticks, Rico Reeds, Puresound percussion products and Planet Waves accessories, and has spent his life as an active player.

Rick Drumm and Fatty Necroses features Drumm, guitarist and University of North Texas professor Fred Hamilton, guitarist and Utah State University teacher Corey Christiansen, trombonist and San Antonio-based teacher Mike Brumbaugh, bassist and teacher John Benitez, trumpeter and teacher Pete Grimaldi, acclaimed Cuban pianist Axel Tosca Laugart and Yamaha, Jody Jazz and Rico Reeds Saxophonist, and Savoy Jazz recording artist, Frank Catalano.

In 2009, Drumm was diagnosed with cancer. After chemotherapy compromised his immune system and made travel difficult, he called his band together for a performance at his home where they played existing Fred Hamilton originals. Then during 2010, with Rick’s disease in remission, the band wanted to play new music, and Hamilton and Christiansen went to work on a new album. Drumm said, “We played together when we could, but as I recovered, we formed a real band, and I named it Fatty Necroses, because although the doctors got most of my cancer, they left some dead tissue in places too difficult to reach. So I’ve still got fatty necroses inside of me. Fatty necroses sounded to me like an old Memphis jazz or blues man, and I liked it, so that’s our name.”

”Inspired by '70s jazz-fusion/jazz-rock and funk, the music is retro in places, but there's no escaping the sheer energy, the compositional strength and the first rate musicianship which make this one of the most appealing jazz-fusion CDs of the year...It would be a shame if this were to be a one-off adventure, as there is chemistry at play here which suggests there are even greater things to come.” —Ian Patterson,

”Drumm doesn't reinvent the wheel. More importantly, he intimates a holistic view of the jazz-fusion genre with a solid track mix that sustains interest, partly due to the artists' emphatic soloing spots, alternating rhythmic currents, and divergent compositional approach

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