Robert Batt

Started out with drums at 11 years old. I took a few lessons and eventually became quite inept. I gave it up at age 25. I had 3 weeks of piano lessons at 8 years old and the instructor told my mother that he hoped I was into sports as the only thing I could play was the radio.

At age 50, I took a job as a Costco Piano Road Show salesperson. My job was to convert people that came to purchase a hundred pounds of cheese into piano buyers. With 11-hour days and a need to do something to prevent further insanity (read: previous drummer) I sat down to one of the many pianos on display and assaulted it for 8 to 9 hours per day...for 7 years. One with 1/2 a brain (I come close on this one) can become quite talented. I can't read music but I will look at charts for certain ques.

I play blues, jazz, Hendrix, Cream, and some Basie/Ellington style numbers. I have worked hotel and restaurant lounges.

I am currently retired but continue practicing in the event that I have to prove everything I just wrote.

Anything else you may have heard about me are just lies.

Let's take it from the top...




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