Robert Tye

”Living” is the latest CD from respected guitarist and composer Robert Tye. It grooves with abandon, digging deep into the modern jazz vernacular, and celebrates life in this changing world.

Robert Tye studied with legendary classical and studio guitarist Joe Fava in Detroit, where he was encouraged to follow his natural affinity toward improvisational music. His influences include Django Reinhardt, Wes Montgomery, Pat Martino, Kenny Burrell, and Freddie King.

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”Tye, an obviously skilled musician with many loves and influences, shines brightly on this overdue project.” - The All Music Guide

“Without a doubt one of the more promising jazz guitarists to come about on the scene.” - The Jazz Review

“This is music on a highly intellectual level but with a deep groove.” - Jazz Guitar Online

“Virtues Of The Well” CD named a “Must Have.” - National Public Radio Music Source

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