Rob Mullins

Instrument: Piano | Location: Los Angeles

“A classic acoustic trio set, Rob Mullins at his best.”
—Scott Yanow, jazz journalist/historian

Updated: December 14, 2018

Born: January 10, 1958

2018 UPDATE: New Rob Mullins Trio Record released Nov. 8, 2018 “The Nearness of You” the 35th album by Rob Mullins.

“A classic acoustic trio set, Rob Mullins at his best.” – Scott Yanow, jazz journalist/historian

During his productive career as a pianist, composer, bandleader and educator, Rob Mullins has performed in many different settings and styles. His versatile approach has allowed him to erase the artificial boundary line between “contemporary” and “traditional” jazz, sounding like himself in all idioms. Mullins' discography is very diverse and is best viewed release by release rather than song by song or sub genre. Full bio at

The liner notes to “The Nearness of You” by Scott Yanow are online at and the first interview of Rob Mullins by Greg Scelsa from NARAS are online today at


“The Nearness of You” 2018 (live in studio jazz trio)
“Over the Rainbow” 2017 (Live trio recording)
“TRUE” June 2012-RME (Live record with the Quartet)
“The Edge Of Dreams” April 2010-RME (solo piano)
“Darkest Night” Sept 2009-RME (world music)
“Early Works The 90's” July 2009-RME (radio music, jazz fusion)
“Early Works The 80's Vol I and II” June 2009-RME (radio music, jazz fusion)
“Jazz Straight Ahead” Sept 2008-RME (straight ahead jazz)
All music from Mullins' 35 solo albums is available online.

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“A classic acoustic trio set, Rob Mullins at his best.” – Scott Yanow, jazz journalist/historian

“A gifted improvisor who can tiptoe or stomp” San Francisco Chronicle

“We love your new album STORYTELLER” Lee Berk Berklee School of Music

“Highly recommended” Rick Anderson ALL MUSIC GUIDE

“One of the true unsung heroes of contemporary jazz” Jonathan Widran ALL MUSIC GUIDE

“Breathtaking and tremendously moving, his compositions are a pleasure” Bernard Bauer Music Connection

”Pianist Rob Mullins makes major statements in both jazz and a combination of Latinized-rock into a fusion that is all his own” Glenn Mitchell LA JAZZ SCENE

”Rob Mullins is so far ahead of everybody else, it will be awhile before the rest of the world catches up, if they do.” Bubba Jackson KJAZZ Radio FM 88.1

”Rob Mullin's STORYTELLER CD is one of the best musical compositions I've ever heard

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A dedicated instructor for 30 years, Rob Mullins runs a top music school in Los Angeles tied to the entertainment industry. Curriculums include jazz studies for piano, wind instruments, singers, and percussionists. Rob also teaches many technology students interested in studio production, songwriting, music for the internet, and music business students. Full information is available at Interested musicians can send email to for more information.

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