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I started playing violin at the age of 6 (1982) but lost interest about 5 years later, replacing the violin with my first saxophone in 1990 after a few years without. In 1994 I discovered software sequencers and started writing music using PC and synthesizer with Steinberg’s Cubase.

Between 1998 and 2000 I studied at the Jazz department of the Constantijn Huygens Music Academy (Nowadays named Artez) in Zwolle, The Netherlands (teachers: Rolf Delfos & Allard Buwalda). During my study I played with many different groups and artists and started a Jazz-Hop/Nu-Jazz project called “HSS” (later renamed to “DJazz”) together with DJ Phaze (Olivier Schreuder). In 2000 I stopped playing saxophone (due to serious health problems) and stopped studying.

I Emigrated to Bulgaria in 2001. The first 3 years in Bulgaria I did not play on my saxophones at all but continued writing music and creating beats. The first time I performed with saxophone again (after this “sax-sabbatical” of nearly 3 years) was with Ethno-Fusion band “Lot Lorien” from Varna in 2003. From 2005-2008 I was member of the “Desi-re Project” with DJ Ivo-But-Not, Desy (vocalist Phuture Shock), and Charlie Gotchev (guitarist).

In January 2007 Dimitar Kalinov (a.k.a. Violent Public Disorders / VPD) and I founded the first Bulgarian union/collective of (underground) beat creators (composers of electronic music) named Trip-BeatMiks. The main purposes: collaborations on projects and boosting the underground scene in Varna as much as possible. This union does not exist anymore at present time. Around the same time the Nu-Jazz group DJazz was revived with DJ Emotion, DJ Ivo-But-Not and Charlie Gotchev in the line-up.

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