Roland Barber

Twins Rahsaan and Roland Barber, saxophonist and trombonist, respectively, are committed to continuing the legacy of jazz through their efforts as composers, performers, bandleaders and educators. Though still in their early twenties, the Barber Brothers have learned their craft both in the classroom and in the informal sessions, shoulder to shoulder with the veterans of the music such as Al Grey and Stanley Turrentine. The Barber Brothers’ training includes virtually every significant resource in modern jazz education. Their experiences include the Jamey Aebersold Summer Jazz Camps, the Essentially Ellington Festival (where both were named Outstanding Soloists), the All-American Grammy High School Jazz Bands, the Ravinia Steans Young Artists Program, the Betty Carter Jazz Ahead Program, and the Jazz Aspen Program. In addition, the Barber Brothers each obtained a B.M. in Jazz Studies and an Artist Diploma from Indiana University, studying with the world's pre-eminent jazz educator, Dr. David Baker.

Individually, the Barber Brothers are also revered as accomplished performers. Jazz legend and trombonist Curtis Fuller labeled Roland “what jazz trombone is all about” on the heels of Roland’s winning of the 2000 International Trombone Association’s Frank Rosolino Competition. Comparably, Rahsaan was one of four Americans selected by audition to participate in the 2003 World Saxophone Competition, held at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Currently, the Barber Brothers are completing graduate study at Manhattan School of Music while in the midst of their fourth year as leaders of the Barber Brothers Jazz Quintet (BBJQ).

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