Rolando Matias

Bio - Glitter Maker Rolando Matias San Juan, Puerto Rico Latin Percussionist and Vocals Leader, Composer, Founder & Business Manager Closed to a decade ago, Rolando conceptualize The Afro-Rican Ensemble, with a vision and direction the Ensemble followed to national and international recognition. As an entertainer and musician, Rolando cannot be denied: a Multi-talented percussionist, Afro-Caribbean musicologist, Ethno-Foklorist and an great blues harmonica player. Rolando has traveled the U.S. playing in a wide variety of groups, performing everything from the blues to Latin rock, and everything in between. A self-taught musician, Rolando, applied his formal training as an Architect into his musical education, seeking perfection, has sought out the greats during his travels in order to perfect his techniques. Rolando started playing percussion at a young age in Cupey Alto, at the local “Bembes” of the neighborhood. “Bembe” is a gathering of “rumberos” jamming and improvising together. “We started with percussion grooves, pretty soon a trombone player joined in, a trumpeter and all of a sudden the place was kicking, it was a great scene.” His performances range from the playful to the passionate, making this powerful Puerto Rican presence a pleasure worth watching. Rolando has performed or recorded with the likes of Chuchito Valdez, Benny Maupin, Leon ..Ndugu.

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Album Latin,Soul-sa and Jazz, Fruit from the Rhyhtm Tree, In  Search of New... by Rolando Matias

Latin,Soul-sa and...

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