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Roots Unknown

Roots Unknown

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Edgar Steinitz

Label: OA2 Records
Released: 2018
Views: 91

Track Listing

1 To Life (L’Chayim) 4:10 (Jerry Bock, arr. Edgar Steinitz) 2 Jewish Jazz Jam (JJJ) Suite 13:03 one - Peace and Wholeness (Oseh Shalom) 3:35 (Debbie Friedman, arr. Edgar Steinitz) two - Healing Mind, Body and Spirit (Mi Shebeirach) 3:13 (Debbie Friedman, arr. Edgar Steinitz) three - Hope (Hatikvah) 3:75 (arr. Edgar Steinitz) four - Rejoice (Nagila) 2:79 (arr. Edgar Steinitz) 3 Liberation (Ma Lecha Hayam) 6:47 (arr. Edgar Steinitz) 4 Segue 1 0:29 (David Friesen & Jay Thomas) 5 Yiddish Blues 4:09 (arr. Edgar Steinitz) 6 Perseverance 3:03 (David Friesen) 7 Sephardic Blues & Into The Shadow of Lodz 4:50 (Edgar Steinitz / Jerry Simon) 8 Segue 2 0:35 (David Friesen & Jay Thomas) 9 Grant Peace (Sim Shalom) 7:12 (arr. Edgar Steinitz) 10 May Love Find Its Way To You 1:26 (Edgar Steinitz)


Edgar Steinitz – Clarinets & Soprano Sax Bonnie Birch – Accordion Jeff Busch – Percussion Julian Smedley – Violin & Viola Wayne Porter – Drums Special Guest Artists – David Friesen – Hemage Bass Jay Thomas – Flugelhorn, Flute, Tenor Sax, Trumpet

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