Rosa Henderson Rosa Henderson

Rosa Henderson though having left a distinguished recording legacy is another one of those Classic Blues singers whose musical accomplishments have remained relatively obscure, known but to those true early blues aficionados.

She was born Rosa Dechamps on November 24, 1896 in Henderson, KY. She left home early to travel with her uncles carnival show throughout the South. In 1918, she teamed with comedian Douglas “Slim” Henderson who she married the same year. They joined up with John Mason and formed the Mason-Henderson performing troupe touring across the U.S until Mr. Henderson died in 1928.

Later moving to New York City, Rosa appeared in theater revues and in 1923, recorded on the Victor/Paramount/Vocalian/Columbia/Ajax and Pathe- Actuelle labels. Her sidemen on many of her sessions were the top jazz players of the era.

By the late 1920’s and early 1930's, after an extensive run in show business, Rosa worked mostly outside of music in a department store, in New York City. Her last known recording was in 1931 and performance in 1932.

Source: James Nadal





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