Ruby Page

Ruby was born in New Zealand and has sung for as long as she can remember. Nature has blessed her with a natural warm rich voice that many vocalists have had to study years for to attain. Her pitch, range and timing sets her alongside the best. When she was once asked to describe her unique style she said: “I feel a strong connection with my past and a sense of wonder at each note that comes from my mouth when I sing - I bring my whole life's experience to the stage.” Since July 2000 Ruby has based herself permanently in Melbourne Australia, where she performs with some of Australia's best Jazz musicians. For many years, while living in Marlborough and Nelson, Ruby performed in some of its finest resorts, captivating audiences with memorable nights of music that ranged from mellow jazz, sultry sambas, to pure romance.

She has worked and experimented in many styles of music, and settled for what she likes most and does so well: her own vibrant interpretations of some of the best loved jazz standards with upbeat & funky Latin rhythms.

Anybody who has seen or heard Ruby perform anywhere agrees: she is an entertainer. Her stage presentation is second to none. She radiates love, warmth, joy and happiness. Her passionate translation of the lyrics touches the soul. She 'lives' her songs.

Ruby tells her story I come from a musical family and singing has been a happy part of my life for as long as I can remember. The joy and solace it has given me is something I've loved sharing with others.

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