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Born in Corsica, Hervé Caparros (Leader) learned to play the guitar by himself, at the age of 16. He was then under the influence of rock and blues music, listening to artists like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, AC/DC or Van Halen… Two years later, he discovered jazz, with Michel Petrucciani, and especially Bireli Lagrene which was a true revelation. He then turned to improvisation and met with many musicians from the Nice region, such as Franck de Luca, Linus Olson, Alain Asplanato, Robert Persi, or Jean-Marc Jafet who was to become one of his musical references and to represent a major step in his learning process. At the same time as these encounters, he participated in practice training at the Patrimonio Guitar Festival, in Corsica, during which, he met with guitarist Louis Martinez, professor at the Conservatoire de Sète, who was to provide him with a solid technical basis and develop his taste for jazz music. At that time, he met with famous French jazz scene artists, like Michel Perez, Mauro Serri, Bireli Lagrene, Louis Winsberg, Linley Marthe. From 1999 to 2004, he continuously played in various combos with quite different styles: French pop music, rock, African music, reggae and, of course, jazz… With this wealth of experience, he moved to Brussels and played with people such as Paolo Loveri, Lorenzo Di Maio, Pascal Mohy, Erik Vermeulen, Peter Hertmans, Toine Thys, Bart de Nolf or Lionel Beuvens.

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Le guitariste Hervé Caparros, de la Corse en Belgique.

Dans la seconde salle, Hervé Caparros compte bien faire vibrer la salle, lui aussi. A sa manière. Le guitariste corse a élu domicile en Belgique voici plus de 6 ans, ce qui lui a permis de rencontrer Lionel Beuvens (batterie), Matthieu Vandenabeele (piano) ou encore le grand Sal La Rocca (contrebasse) qui l’accompagnent ce soir. Caparros délivre un jazz énergique, tendance fusion. «8O’s Dance» ou «Come And See The Band», balancent plutôt pas mal. Sorte de jazz rock sixties. L’arrivée de la chanteuse Ingrid Van Hoorebeke a peut-être tendance à arrondir un peu trop les angles

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