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Sable Winters

A native Texan, I make my home in the San Francisco Bay Area. Singing, recording, performing and songwriting consumes my world. I am a voting member of The Recording Academy, San Francisco Chapter, aka ‘The Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences’. Volunteerism on the Membership and Special Events Committees give me an opportunity to contribute my industry and business experience to further assist in supporting the art of music making. I was twice nominated for a seat on the Board of Governors 2005-2007 (singer) and 2007-2009 (songwriter). Original work is registered with ASCAP.

Jazz and big band music was introduced to me as a result of a flea market binge with my mother where I acquired my first collectible 78-RPM record. It was a Columbia Records label of the Les Brown Orchestra featuring Doris Day on vocal singing “Sentimental Journey”. I played that record on my 33 1/3 turntable over and over burning out more needles than my allowance could afford. Growing up listening to Soul, R&B and Blues clearly paved the way for what is now referred to as Neo-Soul.

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I have always said fame is not categorically a sign of talent and a quality signature. Luck and propaganda play a role in creating idols and icons. In countries we have never visited and remote areas of the world forgotten by our vain civilization, there are obscure and unheard of singers and artists with unmatched talent, human warmth and unique virtuosity who steal your heart and force you to rethink and assess excellence prerequisites and talent criteria. This is the very case of Sable Winters, one of the most spectacular and accomplished Jazz singers of our time. Yet, very few of us heard of Sable Winters, and only a handful of syndicated columnists wrote about her immense talent

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