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A deep passion for the power of music struck a six year old Sam Chess during his first piano lesson in Tucson, Arizona. Now, at 21, Sam is a pioneering trombonist and composer who plays in New York City and has traveled the world recording with jazz legends such as the Wynton Marsalis Septet and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, among others. Sam has just released his first project as a band leader—an album of original arrangements and songs tiled “Hot Cereal”.

Sam is a graduate of the prestigious jazz studies program at the Juilliard School, where he studied closely with Elliot Mason, Steve Turre, Wynton Marsalis, James Burton, Dan Nimmer and Ben Wolfe. In this fertile atmosphere filled with inspiring musicians and thinkers alike, Sam has had the platform to pursue his mission—to help revive an important, forgotten piece of American culture in a society which has nearly forgotten it. Through a deep personal study of the historical and technical aspects of jazz, along with actively performing in clubs across New York, Sam is making strides to achieve his goal.

He has also been blessed with opportunities to bring his musical voice to some of the world’s most prestigious jazz festivals, including twice at the Marciac Jazz Festival in France with the Wynton Marsalis Septet and Wynton Marsalis Young Stars of Jazz. Other festivals Sam has played at include the Monterey, Montreux, Vienne, Umbria, La Spezia, and Montreal jazz festivals, as well as the Generations in Jazz festival in Mt. Gambier, Australia., In December of 2017, Sam toured the southern United States with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra in addition to being the regular trombone substitute in the band.

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