Samir Fejzic

Samir Fejzic, composer and pianist, born in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), studied composition at Music Academy in Sarajevo, where he graduated in 1998. Currently he teaches renaissance and baroque counterpoint at Secondary Music School in Sarajevo.

His work is characterized by different influences, a variety of styles and the constant effort of assimilation of classical vocal styles, traditional folk music and contemporary techniques into his compositions under the personal perspective. His interest for vocal music resulted in the writing of the book Vokalni kontrapunkt, which he finished in September 2003 and was published by Svjetlost in Sarajevo.

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(Ekapija) ”Magnetic world of Sewdalinka”

The album Bosnian Songs for Voice and Trio stands out, not only in terms of a beautifully unique attitude to the traditional Bosnian tunes and an extraordinary interpretation, but also for its energetic and emotional charge. The energy, enthusiasm, love and passion shine from every pore of the music, from song to song, and one can’t avoid letting oneself float and merge into this magnetic world. (Petra Oliveira Bachratá, composer)

“Simply - Sevdah Jazz”

Many have been trying lately to fuse jazz and Sevdalinka in an attempt to evolutionise and experiment with the Bosnian love songs and thus open it to new audiences in the Balkans and beyond

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