Sandra Bendor

Sandra Bendor has performed for audiences around the world and in 49 of the United States giving concerts of jazz, theatre music, and American and international folk music (with Appalachian dulcimer and guitar). With pianist Liz Magnes, she has performed duo jazz concerts throughout Europe, Israel and the US.

Upon graduating Montclair State University in NJ with a degree in Music Education, Sandra was invited to join the Princeton University based National Humanities Series which was presented by the National Endowment for the Humanities. She performed several tours throughout the US for the Series which sent professors of the humanities together with performing artists to towns of fewer than 2500 people. In the show “How and Why People Create” Sandra performed in prisons, libraries, schools, churches, community centers and theatres throughout the US. Some of the venues were so remote that she had to carry her guitar and Appalachian dulcimer for miles on dried river beds in order to get to the performance space. In a performance in North Dakota at a Sioux ceremony, Sandra sang with many of the local performers and was made an honorary member of the Sioux Nation. In the show “The Frontier in Song and Story” Sandra performed together with Dean William A. Owens of Columbia University (originally from Paris, Texas). She sang songs that Dean Owens had collected and recorded on tin pie plates (which were played by using cactus needles) throughout the Southern US in the 1930's (now in the Library of Congress) as part of a WPA project. During these performances Sandra became the first woman in the Ohio Maximum Security Prison where she gleefully told the wildly enthusiastic prisoners that she was delighted to perform in front of a captive audience.

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