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Santiago Sandoval

Santiago Sandoval is a jazz guitar player based in Bogotá, Colombia. He was born in October 28th of 1989 in a renowed family of musicians. He is son of the legendary drummer German Sandoval and nephew of pianist Orlando Sandoval. Since little, Santiago showed music skills playing piano and singing. Later he chosed electric guitar as his main instrument. He studied at Universidad Sergio Arboleda, where he won various scholarships and talent contests. In 2015, he won an scholarship granted by Fundacion Carolina and went to Barcelona, Spain, to do a Master’s degree in performance. He has played with various internationally renowed groups and artists like Antonio Arnedo, Lucia Pulido, Hugo Candelario, Juancho Valencia and dutch trumpeter Maite Hontele, among others. He has participated in various tours through Colombia and Europe with his father’s band CELECANTO.

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