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Sarah Benasouli

Sarah Benasouli and her Sarah Benasouli Quartet is a new Jazz-style project that combines original compositions, colourful arrangements and varied influences.

Sarah Benasouli is a singer, creator and writer. She fully welcomes the audience into her musical world and exciting mix of jazz, soul and ethnic music blending together a wide range of cultures and rhythms that have inspired Sarah to create a musical experience that is both unique and extraordinary in the current landscape.

Born and raised in Paris, Sarah moved to Israel at the age of 14 where she began her involvement with music. After graduating from the music academy of Jerusalem, she moved to New York and travelled around the United States, Jamaica and Europe.

Sarah Benasouli’s latest track titled “Thoughts” is a refreshing fusion of Jazz and synth play. The single highlights the melodic progressions and changes which are perfectly balanced by Sarah’s building vocals featuring her adventurous scatting and narrative lyrical tendencies. “Thoughts” accentuates the quartet ’s innovative writing style through its catchy hook, creating an impressive intersection between various genres which speaks to the track’s exciting yet simple sequence.

Sarah Benasouli’s personal vocal inspirations include Jazz icons Ella Fitzgerald and Rachelle Ferrell, both of whom clearly influence her vocal triumphs in “Thoughts”. Her fellow musicians bring new energy to the work using their own original accents and musings which fully realise the synthesis of genre within the fabric of the song.

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