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Sarah Montes

Not only is Sarah dynamic and simply adorable on stage; Sarah is a singer- songwriter to love. And just when you think you know her, she magically transforms… revealing colorfully, captivating insight that compels the listener and viewer with the desire for more.

Childhood drama and psychological trauma; there was none. Unless you consider the fact that my childhood was molded by fairy tales, show tunes and a warped version of the catechism; which only served to engage my highly spirited and overly zealous imagination! Go figure….

I grew up with an array of musical influences. My mother, a professional ballet dancer; had the family record player spinning Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and various Broadway musicals. When the records did stop; my father played flamenco guitar with really cool syncopated Latin rhythms. And my older sister would listen to the local am radio station introducing me to a plethora of musical genres so between them all; they formed the inspiration and foundation for my musical dreams and the obligatory nightmares

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“I like a jazz singer named Sarah Montes- you should buy a CD next chance you get.” Alexandra LaDuca; Noel Hynd’s MIDNIGHT IN MADRID,THE RUSSIAN TRILOGY-BOOK TWO

“I love Sarah Montes. Her music makes me happy. The performances, arrangements and songs take me back to the music that my parents loved and shared, but also to the fun and sophisticated performances of the great jazz singers of today. Her band is fabulous and frames her unique and compelling vocals with style, skill and class. Great music that is fun, compelling and timeless. She brightens up my day (and night), and as a bonus, has some great wheels.” Ed Cherney- Grammy winning producer and engineer

“Sarah is a jazz singer with one foot in the past (feels from the 50's) and quality set firmly in today

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