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Scott Detweiler is an American artist, born and raised in the Uptown neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Over the course of his 30 (thirty) year career, his catalog of albums has chronicled his evolution into a highly unique composer/performer, blending the styles of funk, jazz, blues, gospel & soul. His lyrics tell imaginatively woven stories that follow in the grand tradition of southern writers and classic lyricists. He is a true son of the rich musical climate and one-of-a-kind culture that is the Crescent City. It is these influences that are in the soul of his creations and evident in his live performances, whether solo, in chamber group or backed by his New Orleans Jazz Funksemble.

Detweiler is a charismatic entertainer with a unique ability to touch his audience, whether it be in the intimate setting of a small jazz club, through the lens of a camera or on the concert stage of an arena. And he touches them not only with his sounds but also with his stories and candid observations about life. He performs with intensity from within, bearing and revealing his soul through every song. He is most at home in front of a crowd.

The strong influences of N.O. horn players, piano players and drummers are the essence of his unique style of guitar playing, from the horn/piano like phrasing of his solos to his syncopated rhythm guitar work. He attributes much of his solid sense of rhythm to watching marching bands in the dozens of parades, every Mardi Gras season for over 20 (twenty) years (about the first half of his life). This fusion of drum rhythm with rhythm guitar is the integral part of his style. “When I first started playing, I could not play well enough to integrate everything I was hearing in my head into my playing.....but I found that as my playing developed it allowed my vocal ability to grow along with it, enabling me to sing over more sophisticated syncopated rhythms”, explains Detweiler.

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ALL EVENTS ”He is one of the most unique American artists in that his sound is a fusion of funk, jazz, blues, gospel and soul”.

BURBANK LEADER “It’s a great piece (“The Sun Will Rise”)…it’s mostly a blues piece. The string quartet provides a blues base that encourages the saxophone to improvise. It’s programmatic to the Katrina tragedy, respectful and hopeful”.

INDIE PULSE MUSIC MAGAZINE ”Scott Detweiler, a fantastic guitarist and artist...”

LOS ANGELES TIMES ”Scott Detweiler will be performing and if good music is what you're after, then you won't be disappointed”

PASADENA WEEKLY “He was the first blues artist to premiere an original blues chamber composition, “The Sun Will Rise,” and follow with a performance by his jazz quartet, in Los Angeles

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