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Sería / Sería II


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Skuli Sverrisson

Label: CCn'C Records
Released: 2011
Views: 304

Track Listing

Seria: 01. Seria; 02. Nineteen Centuries; 03. Geislar Hennar; 04. Spontaneous Kindness; 05. Sungid eg gaeti; 06. Binding Garden; 07. Dora Kime; 08.Summer Star Water; 09. One Night of Swords; 10. Her searching hands; 11.Vaktir Thu; 12.Slow Sun; 13. Morgum. Sería II: 01. Volumes; 02. Her looking back; 03. Instants; 04. Unbend; 05. Modir; 06. Divena; 07. The_arrangement; 08. Without memory; 09. The Sound of Nnow; 10. Le feu.


Seria: Skuli Sverrisson (chitarre, basso, dobro, organo); Olof Arnalds (charango, viola, voce, koto); Amedeo Pace (chitarra); Hildur Gudnadottir (violoncello); Anthony Burr (basso, clarinetto, organo); Eyvind Kang (viola); Johann Johannsson (organo); Ted Reichman (harpsichord); Laurie Anderson (voce); Peter Scherer (piano); Hilmar Jensson (chitarra). Seria II: Skuli Sverrisson (chitarre, basso, organo, autoharp, piano, percussion). David Thor Jonsson (piano, organ, batteria, banjo); Eyvind Kang (viola, bass trumpet); Amedeo Pace (chitarra, omnichord); Olof Arnalds (voce, charango); Anthony Burr (clarinetto); Hildur Gudnadottir (violoncello); Oskar Gudjonsson (sax tenore); Kristin Anna (voce).


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Sería / Sería II

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