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Erik Borelius

Label: EB Music
Released: 1993
Duration: 00:37:00
Views: 105

Track Listing

1. SexTioTvå, 2. Hevelina, 3. Gonda Strålar, 4. Dansadin…, 5. Memina Medina, 6. Ebba Brun, 7. I Dina Ögon, 8. Midsommarnatt


Erik Borelius

Album Description

Pressrelease SEXTIOTVÅ (EB MUSIC 1993). SWEDISH GRAMMY-WINNER IN THE INSTRUMENTAL GENRE On “Sex Tio två”, my third album, the acoustic guitar once again takes the leading roll. For me, its direct, natural feel is preferable to that of the electric. Exhilarated melancholy, a feeling I love and try to convey, is easier to express with the acoustic guitar. On “Sex Tio Två” all the titles are in Swedish. There is a thought and source of inspiration behind that. A few examples; “Ebba Brun” (“Ebba” is a Swedish name. “Brun” means brown) – Ebba was the name of my family’s brown Vorsteh dog, a happy, ball-crazy dog. “Gonda Strålar” (“Gonda” is a fantasy name. “Strålar” are beams)- is what I call the cleanest light, the light of dawn. “Dansadin…” (“Now you dance, you son of…”) – is referring to the love-hate relationship I have with the guitar. Strictly but fairly it tells me – “practice more and I will give you what you want”. The cover of “Sex Tio Två” is an oil painting of mine.I love to paint and feel that it influences and inspires me in my creation of music. Apart from what you see in the painting (6 strings, 10 fingers and 2 souls), the title also refers to the year I was born, 1962.

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