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Shan Jam Crane
 Wild Flute Jam

The Wild Banchees

Shan Jam Crane & The Wild Banchees

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ShanJamCrane hosts “Songwriters Showcase” at Pho Cao in Scottsdale on the Second and Fourth Wednesdays each month from 7-10pm, featuring 3 or 4 guest performer stages, flowed by her band, The Wild Banchees. Pho Cao 7436 E McDowell Rd. Scottsdale, AZ. 85257

In addition, ShanJam is Admin of many FB groups about music, including the following:

AZ OPEN MICS & JAMS ShanJam maintains a comprehensive list of open mics & jams found in AZ OPEN MICS & JAMS as a “File”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Who is ShanJam Crane? (musically) ShanJam Crane is a multi-instrumental songwriter playing flute, rhythm guitar, keyboards, percussion, and singing lead and harmony vocals. She has performed on stages for 40+ years and has travelled the So Pacific - and lived in Japan - performing and exploring - as well as founding Earth Day Nagoya (Nagoya, Japan), with musical performances as a draw to many year round events. ShanJam has performed as a solo, in duos, trios, and in larger ensembles. She has also hosted open mics and jams in the Phoenix valley for over 5 years - then “Songwriters Showcase” for 3 years (since 2016) and lived in the valley for 25 years (since January 1994).

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