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Dave Halverson

Label: Lucid Moon Child Music
Released: 2019
Duration: 38:16
Views: 142

Track Listing

1. Sirens
2. Lurch's Harpsichord
3. That Sinking Feeling I
4. Gravity
5. Oleander Bisque
6. Put Your Trust in Fairy Dust
7. Metafizz
8. Mourning Doves
9. Subroutine
10. The Parade
11. India
12. Only a Dramatization
13. That Sinking Feeling II
14. Praise


Dave Halverson: guitar, bass, drums, synthesizer, voices
Richard Bugbee: piano solo on #2, additional synthesizer on #7 and #12
Joey Pescadero: trumpet on #10
Manus MacFearce: bagpipes on #11
Gamma: vocals on #4

Album Description

Shapelifter is a collection of songs inspired by many things - sounds collected from various places, random events, and the technology of recording itself, to name a few. I chose the pieces on this album to feel somewhat continuous, without constraining the range of sounds, textures, and instrumentation. Several of the pieces were built on found sounds from afar: a trumpet in the distance, a bagpiper from Scotland, a forgotten snippet on a cassette tape from 20 years ago... woven back in with the other pieces I recorded to form a working atmosphere.

Shapelifter was recorded and developed over a period of several years in my studio, which sat in a small jungle of bamboo. The island nature of this environment contrasting with the reality sitting just outside of it was another factor in the production of this music. My goal in the studio was to remain completely open, embracing experimentation and randomness that seemed to be reflected in the surrounding foliage, eventually developing the pieces to create a continuity that hopefully feels just as effortless.

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