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The Simians of Swing are no ordinary jazz group; they are story tellers in the great comic book tradition. Each number on this album is a soundtrack to a hero or villain; some of the characters are good, most are bad … but all are legends with tales of revenge, tragedy and romance. Set in a post-apocalyptic world the Simians narrate their stories through the medium of jazz. As for the Simians themselves, they are led by two urban warriors: Andy ‘Monkey’ Davies and Lorenzo Bassignani. Based in London, ‘Monkey’ is a trumpet player who dabbles in the magical American art form of Bebop. He also possesses deadly martial art skills, acquired while working for the Russian mafia back in the Cold War. Deadly with a trumpet, it is said he once kayoed a man out with a rendition of Charlie Parker’s ‘Confirmation’. The chump still hasn’t got up. ‘Lama’ is a bass player by night. By day he is always busy playing chess on his own, practicing his trade and meditating about the role of bass frequenicies in current geopolitics. Their associates for this album are hand-picked elite mercenaries: Benet ‘The Buffalo’ Mclean, Ivo Neame and Sam Leak on piano duty. Luca Boscagin and Ant Law on guitar. The beautiful Polly Gibbons is on vocals, while Saleem Raman on drums completes the line-up. Wicked. This album is not for the faint hearted; eleven villainous tales of the macabre

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”'Gangster in Love' with a moody guest vocal from vocalist Polly Gibbons could be a latter-day James Bond title theme”” - JAZZ WISE

“Simians hit the ground running” - MARLBANK

“An ambitious and interesting debut” - JAZZ JOURNAL

“A majestic debut album!” - Erminia Yardley

“'more groove than a barrel of monkeys” - Jane Cornwell (EVENING STANDARD)



Album Simians Of Swing by Simians Of Swing

Simians Of Swing

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