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Sinan Alimanovich

Sinan Alimanovich is multi-award winning pianist, organist, composer, arranger, conductor and educator from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Jazz critics describe him as a very strong jazz player, not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina: “... Alimanovich is the one of the main European pianistic figures especially by his unique approach to American jazz and it's interpretation and perception in Europe...” (D. H. Sansky) Sinan Alimanovich has performed and collaborated with the best European and American jazz musicians including: Aladar Pege, Jim Mullen, Harvie S, Randy Brecker, Barbara Hendricks, Vaclav Zahradnik, Alex Blake, Erich Kleinschuster, Gianni Basso, Ladislav Fidri, Dusko Goykovich, Bobby Sanabria, Stjepko Gut, Lee Harper, Csaba Deseo, Robert Balzar, Jože Privšek, Miljenko Prohaska, Tony Lakatos, Petar Ugrin, Robert Balzar and many others. His compositions and playing are registered at the more than one hundred CD's and videos. Sinan Alimanovich performed around the Europe and United States of America. In 1979. Sinan Alimanovich became a member of the rhythm section of the Great Orchestra (Big Band) of the Radio Television Sarajevo and the arranger, composer and conductor. Soon he became a member of the most popular rock'n'roll band in ex Yugoslavia, Indexi. In 1981, at the “Vaš Šlager Sezone” festival he won the award for the best arrangement of the composition “Betonska Brana”, which was composed together with the guitarist Slobodan Bodo Kovačević

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