Sizhukong Sizhukong

IZHUKONG絲竹空爵士樂團 - An Innovative Ancient Sound from Taiwan

In this rejuvenated music, oriental aura and Chinese-kung-fu-like skills are beautifully blended, and a new kind of Chinese music is born with a soul of jazz.

Where does Jazz fit in the music of the world today? How does a citizenship of jazz musicians from every corner of the world adapt and transform this once idiomatically American form? Where is jazz headed next?

Sizhukong, a unique ensemble led by Yuwen Peng, is one good answer to this set of questions. A composer/pianist born and raised in Taiwan, Yuwen received her jazz training at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston and returned to Taiwan with a jazz mission. This group is her latest effort to bring jazz into conversation with the old and new cultures of Taiwan. Combining traditional Chinese and modern jazz instrumentation, bringing new styles to traditional songs, Sizhukong takes traditional Chinese music into the modern age and transports jazz and other modern styles back into the past. In March 2007, the group released its first album, also called “Sizhukong”, which catches great attention of both music lovers and critics.

Performances including:

2005 Taipei Arts Festival 2005 & 2006 Taipei Film Festival Opening Concerts 2005 & 2007 Taichung Jazz Festival 2007 Zhu Jia Jiao Water Village World Music Festival in Shanghai, China 2008 Java Jazz Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia 2008 National Theater‧Concert Hall Summer Jazz, Taipei 2008 Jarasum Jazz Festival, Korea 2008 The ANMC21 Cultural Events--‘Enchanting Asia’ in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2008 The 1st Cross-strait Cultural Industries Fair in Xiamen, China 2008 Hong Kong Jazz Up Concert

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Album Review
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”Sizhukong embraces the ethos of jazz fusion: its music takes established forms--jazz and classical Chinese styles--and gives them a new twist.” --Tapei Times

“This beautiful music is at once familiar and exotic. The spirit of jazz is very much to the fore in the arrangements and in the improvisation and sits in perfect harmony alongside centuries of Chinese tradition. If Weather Report had come from China they might have sounded something like this.” --Ian Patterson All About Jazz



Album Hand In Hand by Sizhukong

Hand In Hand

Feeling Good Records Co.

Album Sizhukong: Spin by Sizhukong

Sizhukong: Spin

Sony Music

Album Paper Eagle by Sizhukong

Paper Eagle

Sizhukong Records



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