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Sofia Ribeiro

Sofia Ribeiro is one of the greatest voices from the country of fado, a magnificent singer who has the ability to immediately attract the listener to her unique musical universe. Well-known for her strong and emotional performances, the multi-awarded singer has captivated audiences all over the world with her charming and powerful sound. Blending elements of jazz, Brazilian and Portuguese music, her new album ‘Ar’ ‘is the result of a powerful combination of this exceptional singer’s talent as a vocalist and composer with the brilliant arrangements and production of Colombian pianist Juan Andrés Ospina.

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“Sofia is an exceptionally talented musician who is stylistically diverse and technically proficient, with a remarkable ear and articulation technique. Her stylistic interpretation is seasoned, sophisticated and extremely expressive. She is one of the best scat singers that I have ever worked with!” (Bob Stoloff, Berklee College of Music, Boston, U.S.A)

“More than a voice (and what a voice!), Sofia Ribeiro is someone whose talent is worthy of attention.” (A.B. - magazine)

“Her annunciation is pure no matter if the volume she sings at is sometimes barely above a whisper. And when she has the freedom to improvise or sing a cadenza, her lines lope and spiral making the song look like a bird in tumbling flight.” (Raul da Gama, The world music report)

A singer in search of her own sound and worthy of recognition

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