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Sol y Los Terrestres is an independent and self-managed project born in 2017 composed of musicians of continuous activity in the circuit of Buenos Aires; led by the voice of the young and talented singer Sol Cansino, along with Javier García (guitars) Hernán Barone (synth bass & keyboards) and Mariano de Hoz (drums). The music of Sol y Los Terrestres is furrowed by the spirit of the new Argentine song, and the influences of the R&B universe; They are currently in the process of producing and recording their studio album, which they are advancing in their concerts.

The beginnings of the group date back to concerts in the last months of 2016, in which Hernán Barone and Javier Garcia were already gathered on stage playing instrumental music, and in one of these shows, Sol Cansino was invited to sing. The musical and human chemistry was instantaneous, and the restlessness of beginning to formalize the project for the coming year was sealed. After some changes, with the entry of drummer Mariano de Hoz, the group's stable formation is formed. Then, from there they start with frequent live performances, produced independently, in which they settle their style, and developing and premiering their own compositions. The sound of Sol y Los Terrestres has been given in a very distinctive way due to the particular mixture of the diverse stylistic origins of its members. Sol Cansino with a vocal school with a strong imprint on gospel and African-American vocal harmonies; and Hernán, Javier and Mariano, are instrumentalists who usually dabble in languages ​​such as rock, R&B, jazz and Argentine music.


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Sol y Los Terrestres


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