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Songs on the eve of dismissal

Songs on the eve of dismissal

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Chris Abelen

Label: Chris Abelen Music Productions
Released: 2018
Duration: 00:38:00
Views: 2,025

Track Listing

Song on the eve of dismissal; Prayer tot the shareholder; Off-site weekend; Imposter syndrome; Out of the box; At home; Nobody told me; Honey text me back; I hate to let you go.


Lorena del Mar - voice; Angelo Verploegen - trumpet; Floris van der Vlugt - alto saxophone; Chris Abelen - trombone; Tini Thomsen - bass clarinet & baritone saxophone; Thijs Huijbens - guitar; Ulrich Wentzlaff-Eggebert - double bass; Yonga Sun - drums.

Album Description

Songs on the eve of dismissal, as the title suggests, is a project about working in an office, and the main emotions involved in present-day office life: fear and loss of individuality. With millions of people worldwide trying to survive the next reorganization while doing their job, this is a serious subject which connects to a large group; at the same time, not many songs have been written about it – up to now, that is! Sad songs, but high-spirited ones as well: like the one they sang going to their last off-site, or the respectful but frank Prayer to the shareholder. The project consists of about 22 pieces (2 sets), 9 of them with vocals. The other compositions (for a 7-piece line-up) have already been published in the 2016 instrumental album A day at the office. The instrumental compositions will also be used as a background for spoken contributions by Bastiaan Geleijnse.

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