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Sonya Jason

”She's a hundred pounds of rompin' stompin' sax. She's so hot her horn smokes. Her first CD, Tigress, (Warner Music Discovery) defines mood, zest, verve and sizzling straight-on jazz from the hip. Some elements of jazz never change, but Sonya Jason picks up the leftovers and moves them into her own dimension.”

-- Jan Holland for Venice: The L.A. Arts and Entertainment Magazine

There is no doubt jazz has been a man's world for sometime. Be it due to a lack of credible women musicians or outright bigotry we may never know, but the tide is certainly turning toward more women being accepted into the jazz realm.

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“This female sax player is all guts and no gimmick. She plays it like she means it.”

�” Santa Barbara International Jazz Festival

“Sonya Jason has all the ingredients for success; a powerful and original musical voice, charisma, dedication, ambition, and professionalism. Clearly this is a woman on the move.”

�” Contemporary Jazz Review Magazine

“For those of you who appreciate people who play their butts off, Jason smashes all hot-saxdiva stereotypes with her sophisticated repertoire and dignified presentation.”

�” BUZZ Magazine, the Talk of Los Angeles

“Tigress is the perfect title for her debut, as she alternates between the cool sensuality of a cat and the fiery roar of its more ferocious counterpart.”

�” Jonathon Widran, JAZZIZ Magazine

“Sonya Jason is an explosive, technically flash alto/soprano saxophonist

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What is Sonya Jason's educational background and teaching experience? Sonya has studied privately with ten different music teachers, beginning with nine years of classical piano lessons from the age of 4 and learning saxophone from the age of 10. By the time she graduated from college majoring in music performance and arranging, she had earned eighteen separate awards for outstanding musicianship from such institutions as the International Association for Jazz Education (IAJE). She won the Phil Woods Scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston, the top musical university in the country, and graduated summa cum laude in 1985 after passing tough proficiency exams on saxophone, flute, and clarinet. Sonya began teaching privately immediately upon graduation and was a staff instructor at Milano Music in Scottsdale and Phoenix AZ, Killeen Music in Burbank CA, Santa Monica Music in Santa Monica CA, and Manor Music in Pacifica CA. She has taught in the San Francisco Bay Area since April 1999. What is her teaching philosophy? 1) Most people are not studying to become professional musicians; the point of lessons is to enjoy learning to play music and gain a sense of accomplishment. 2)Mistakes are not bad; they simply indicate something to be learned. 3)Consistency over time produces results. How much does it cost? Beginning and Intermediate students pay $35 for a 30-minute weekly lesson. Advanced students pay $67 for a 60-minute weekly lesson. Payments are made once every twelve weeks on a tuition basis. An additional Registration and Materials Fee of $40-$60 is due once a year and covers all music books and sheet music. What days and times are available? Lessons may be scheduled Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons between 2pm and 8pm. You may choose the available time slot that is most convenient for you. Where do I go for lessons? Sonya teaches at her music studio located in Moss Beach, California, halfway between Pacifica and Half Moon Bay (approximately 6 miles from either city). How do I sign up? Call Sonya Jason at (650) 728-8002 today!

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