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Sound for the Organization of Society

Sound For the Organization of Society is a creative music ensemble founded in New Orleans in 2004. The group plays original music by all of its members, and presents works which equally balance composition and improvisation. The music draws from a variety of traditions and musical styles: jazz, classical, the avant-garde, and various ethnic musics. The unusual instrumentation of the band mirrors variety of its members, who hail from various cities across the U.S. and Europe and have wide-ranging backgrounds from classical composition and performance to rock and free jazz. These disparate styles and the unique instrumentation lead to a distinctive and intriguing group sound.

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Art Ensemble Of Chicago Art Ensemble Of Chicago
Rob Price Rob Price
guitar, electric
Jeff Albert Jeff Albert
David Leikam David Leikam
Dave Fox Dave Fox
Jim Disner Jim Disner
L.A. Jenkins L.A. Jenkins
guitar, electric