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One of the most specific and powerful band in and around Hungary. The band formed in 2004 from long time friends and musicians of Kobánya Music Studio and Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Budapest. The members of the band play in many well known and appreciated groups in Hungary as a session musician and took part in the making of several albums, as songwriter, studiomusican besides Special Providence. The band played a lot of festivals and clubs in Hungary and abroad as well.(England,Slovakia,Romania etc.) Having an approach, by putting music as a priority over virtosistic individualisim, allows the band to represent prog-fusion jazz in a new light. The group is very appreciated in and around Hungary with their virtoso, yet easily digestable style. Having released their first album in 2007 , titled „Space Café“ and then being invited to go on tour with the well established Jeff Andrews (USA) trio having a huge success. They are undoubtable a band highly recommended, with their huge dynamic stagepresonce and aura for any listerner to digest. In 11th of december 2008 they realased the 2nd album titled “Labyrinth” which got very good critics in the international music scene. In 2009 they were being invited to the Jazzfestival of London.


Korg,Alchemy cymbals






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