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Tom Matta

Label: Self Produced
Released: 2015
Views: 418

Track Listing

A Fine Romance; A Night in Tunisia; Tuffy; Short Story; Somewhere; Movin’ Wes, Part 1; It Never Entered My Mind; I Get a Kick Out of You.


Additional Personnel / Information

Tom Matta: leader, conductor, arranger, bass trombone (1, 7); Chuck Parrish: trumpet, flugelhorn; Marques Carroll: trumpet, flugelhorn (1-6, 8); Tim Bales: trumpet, flugelhorn (1-7); Bob Lark: trumpet, flugelhorn; Rob Parton: trumpet, flugelhorn (7); Dan Nicholson: alto sax (2-6, 8), tenor sax (1, 7); Chris Madsen: alto sax (1-4, 7, 8); Ben Voigt: alto sax (5, 6); John Wojciechowski: alto sax (1-7); Mark Colby: tenor sax; Andrew Janak: tenor sax (2-6, 8); Jerry DiMuzio: baritone sax; Dan Johnson: trombone; Scott Bentall: trombone (1, 7);Tom Garling: trombone; Tim Coffman: trombone (1-6, 8); Steve Horne: trombone (7); John Blane: bass trombone (2-6, 8); Mike Pinto: guitar; Pete Benson: piano (2-6, 8); Ron Perillo: piano (1); Jeremy Kahn: piano (7); Tim Ipsen: bass (2-6, 8); Dennis Carroll: bass (1); Joe Policastro: bass (7); Bob Rummage: drums.



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