Stefan Aeby Stefan Aeby

The dream of a perfect world. A world of freedom. Of equality. Of self- realization. A world in flux and rebirth. Curiosity as well as the search for consistency and familiarity. Big becomes small and limits disappear. Everything seems possible…

And in the middle of this: a piano trio.

A trio which dreams of being free, but still together. A trio with a curious and open spirit that allows limits to disappear without losing its roots.

With the perfect match of Michael Stulz on drums and André Pousaz on bass, Stefan Aeby`s piano playing and composing have found a new tonal dimension with a strong personal sound spectrum as well as a real touching and intimate band sound. This strong Interplay lets the trio interprete it's music in a completely new way each time with dynamic and vivid energy that genuinely unites in the free as well as in the harmonically more complex parts. Catchy, lyrical melodies are mixed with very colorful and rich harmonies, harmonies which understand to surprise the listener each time and blend very well with the contemporary-music-scenes inspired grooves as well as the more rhythmical open parts. The compositions are musical journeys, personal and intimate pieces which spell bound the listener without putting technical aspects into the foreground. Therefore this music content has a grasping urgency. The music of the trio is very unique with a lot of space left for their singular personalities to play with freedom and improvise

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”Virtuous chamber music without the bragging but instead with true treasures of dreamful and lyrical music”. La Liberté, Switzerland

“Cultvated sound esthetics with a very personal face - one of the most promising projects Switzerland has to offer at the time.” Jazz Thing, Germany

“The compositions are uniformly excellent, filled with unexpected twists and surprising harmonic choices. Highly recommended excellent listening experience.” Cadence, New York

“Lyrical without sentimentality, groovy without losing spontaneity, souverne but without getting trapped in a routine the trio develops a touching band sound.” Leipziger Zeitung, Germany


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Album To The Light by Stefan Aeby

To The Light

Intakt Records

Album Utopia by Stefan Aeby


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